Shipping Storage In Savannah

Safe, secure & strategically located

Offering Unbeatable Rates at $30/Day!

Need to store goods in a safe and convenient location within Savannah, GA? It doesn’t get any better than Homeland 1 Logistics. Our warehouse is located in close proximity to Savannah Port, offering all of the bells and whistles to ensure your cargo leaves storage exactly in the same condition in which it arrived.

We take care of our customers and treat your cargo like it’s our own. That means state-of-the art security technology, on-site security guards, and meticulous handling in a warehouse space that’s designed for supreme organization and the utmost efficiency.

At $30/day, we aim to give you optimal service at the best prices in town. Contact us NOW to learn more and get yourself a quote.

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24-Hour Operation
Security Personnel On-Site
Any Size Trailer (ranges from 20ft containers 53 ft)

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